Sucky Selflessness

Anyone who is on Twitter, or any stream of social media really, is constantly bombarded with the retweets and reposts of opinions about love. Not even just social media, but media in general repeatedly make their views on love known in 140 characters or less. With so many viewpoints and backgrounds, it’s hard not to … More Sucky Selflessness

We Were Children

We were children clothed in adult feelings. Adolescent minds thinking full-grown thoughts. What we lacked in steadfast maturity, we made up for in unrelenting fervor. We could love for the simple fact the other was alive. The only melody we cared enough to hear, was the cadence of our hearts beating in rhythm. And that … More We Were Children

Last Words

Being the kind of person I am, last words meant a lot to me. I thought so many times, about what I would want to say on my deathbed. I was preparing this grandiose speech about life, love, and God. I had a script in my mind about what I would say to my son, … More Last Words

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Farewell To 2013

2013 has brought with it more lessons than I could ever possibly recall to put down in words. Like so many people this year I have experienced ups, down, twists, turns, and loopty loops. In all of our own ways we have experienced to some degree pain and joy. Failure and triumph. Disappointment and hope. … More Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Farewell To 2013

This Is Winning.

A very good friend wrote this about me and the changes I have made. It’s amazing to know that someone can see and appreciate the beauty of a life turned around when you feel like no one cares. Reminded me that when the people you care most about can’t see beyond who you’ve been there … More This Is Winning.