We Were Children

We were children clothed in adult feelings.

Adolescent minds thinking full-grown thoughts.

What we lacked in steadfast maturity,

we made up for in unrelenting fervor.

We could love for the simple fact the other was alive.

The only melody we cared enough to hear,

was the cadence of our hearts beating in rhythm.

And that was the song we danced to.

We danced from one end of grace to the other.

In our final twirl, we caught a glimpse of light.

It was then that I realized we had grown.

We were now adults clothed in childish feelings.

Full-grown minds thinking adolescent thoughts.

Our lack of maturity couldn’t sustain fervor.

Directionless passion left us circling around straight paths.

Not entirely lost, but not entirely found.

We fought, swinging limbs of soft bone.

Held on to what should’ve been let go.

Zeal, which was once our friend, was now our undoing.

Too blinded by emotion to see the truth.

Our hearts not completely broken, but not completely sound.

It was never the right time.

The right thought never made it to the right mind.

Here I am today.

An adult thinking thoughts that are fully grown.

But, now the cadence of heartbeats I dance to,

are my own.


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