This is an excerpt from a story I have been working on. Wanted to share it with all of you. Hope you like it.


“Never before had I seen the eyes of a man hold so much passion. He looked at her as though he had seen the sum of all his dreams and deepest desires manifest into the single most beautiful living creature that has ever graced this planet. His entire existence froze in that one life-lasting moment. All I could do was watch as the overbearing amount of exuberant intensity expelled from his soul into the atmosphere around us. When I looked at her I could feel the genuine reciprocation of everything he was in that moment. They gave themselves willingly to one another. Unguarded and untethered, they had encompassed complete vulnerability. He was her, and she was him. Their eyes communicated an irrevocable exchange of emotions. Without a single word being spoken, their lives were forever interwoven. And, in that very instant I had realized that I had just seen a miracle birthed in front of my very own eyes. The human mind does little to capture and hold these glimpses of eternal significance. But, this was undeniably the purpose of creation between two people, and I was blessed enough to have witnessed it. On that day I held only one thing to be true, I had just seen true love. I learned through their transcendent interaction that love not only had the power to alter the course of human life between those directly involved, but it could also elevate the soul of a man, just by seeing it, to inexplicable heights of heavenly emotion. As sure as I was that they were in love. I was even more convinced that my life would never be satisfied in purpose until I found it for myself.”


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