Ode To The Changed Man

Today I found myself walking down a hall of introspection. Looking into the half cracked doors of my past. Wondering where this hall ends exactly. With each door I peered into, I saw versions of myself I couldn’t even recognize anymore. When we look at our own lives it is always difficult to see how far we have come, because we keep focusing on how far we have left to go. As the day went on I felt downcast. But, just before my sadness was about to peak something a friend said to me rushed to the forefront of my mind. “Guys like you are rare. The ones that go through what you went through and finally get it right. You are one in a million.” These words resounded in my heart. It is always nice to be reminded of the progress you have made when you forget to remind yourself.

Being a guy who has screwed up, a lot, I know first hand the weight that the past can have on a persons shoulders. It is both an unbearable and useless weight we carry around. But, there comes a day when the ties to who we were are severed and we are completely free from the choices we have made in the past. Which by the grace of God is where I am now. The thing about being a screw up is that no one really celebrates when you finally start to get it right. Though the greatest satisfaction is in the fact that you have become someone new, it would still be nice for someone to take notice of the changes you have made.

So this is for the people like me who after getting it all wrong are finally getting it right. This is for the people who lost their virginity before marriage and have changed that circumstance to find the value of sex, and what it means for yourself and your future marriage.  This is for the person who spent so many nights alone fighting addiction. For the person who stood firm against temptation and held on for dear life to see a day of freedom. This is for the outcast in the family who decided they were going to break the generational curses of their family. This is for the guy whom in spite of countless falls decided he was going to get back up no matter the opposition. The person who fought back against their demons and won. This is for the person who cheated on the person they love and fought to get to a point where they understood the value of a relationship and what it means to love. This is for the people who stand up daily and scream in the face of their failures, shortcomings, mistakes, and pasts and say they will not be beaten! The people who aren’t ashamed of their scars because they are a testament to battles that have been fought and won. Today I celebrate you. Today I praise you.

You are not who you were. As long as you continue to fight you will never be who you were again. Be proud of the dirt under your fingernails because it means you climbed out of your hole.


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