I’ll Take The Elevator.

Can you remember back to that 13-year-old version of yourself, pouting about how unfair life is because you weren’t allowed to go to your friend’s birthday party? Sitting in your room completely victimized and underappreciated. After the dramatics of slamming your door and throwing yourself on the bed, you scream into your pillow, “I can’t wait to grow up!” I wish that 13-year-old were standing in front of me now so that with all my might I could give him one swift kick in the head. No one warned us that growing up was going to be so hard. Movies made college look fun. They made falling in love look so easy and romantic. They made chasing your dreams as simple as buying a bus ticket and heading to the big city. Lies!

Growing up is rough stuff, because the older you get the more everything changes. You find yourself exhausted trying to keep up with everything morphing around you. Change is a part of life beyond the control of our feeble little efforts. Whether it’s moving across the country to finally pursue your passion. Or, going from complicatedly in love to depressingly, horrifically single. (Yes, I’m bitter and lonely.) Or, maybe just simple life choices like not eating fast food. Whatever it is, it’s all hard. I’m at that age where it feels like every decision I make is going to shape the rest of eternity. I’m at a place emotionally and mentally that I’ve never been before so trying to use any old point of references probably is not going to work out. There’s no road map to places that haven’t been discovered yet. And, even if you know someone who’s been down a similar path, it doesn’t mean their compass is pointing you to your North.

When your world changes it can be a bit scary…scratch that a lot scary. Especially, if the change happening in your life is bigger than a simple dietary decision. One of the reasons we hate change is because it tosses out security. In all we do in life we want those things from our past to fall back on when things get hard. Whether it’s friends, mommy and daddy, a job or whatever else brings you comfort when scary old life comes–a-knockin’. We want to know that if we fail we can still run back to those comforts and stay there as long as we need to. But, then how do you grow?  Change brings with it a wind that most times will knock you flat on your back. And, if you keep leaning on the things that bring you comfort, you’ll never learn to stand on your own.

Keeping up with my tradition of transparency I have to admit that I get mad at God, a lot. Whenever I feel like He’s starting to move things around my O.C.D flares up, and I want to snap at Him telling him to leave the things the way they were. But, because His perspective is so much better than mine He can see things that I can’t. I picture walking into my house seeing Jesus take a sledgehammer to a staircase in my home. My first thought is why is Jesus jacking up my stairs and making a mess in my house. I thought cleanliness was next to Godliness. And, while I’m complaining about the mess and frustrated that He just took away the only access to my bedroom where I find comfort, He has something else in mind.  Question: Why were those steps so important to me? Answer: Because they were familiar and predictable. They were a part of my normal routine. I knew exactly how many steps it would take me to get to my room. The railing provided enough support for me to be lazy and lean on them when I got tired. We look at the things that God seems to be moving around and immediately think them inconveniences. If what God is doing doesn’t fit into our normal routine than it must be a punishment. But, God doesn’t find joy in complicating our lives. The truth is He wants to make them easier. And you’ll find that if you’re patient enough and willing to let Him finish His work you’ll notice that He replaced that staircase with an elevator. The elevator may have only saved you an extra 15 seconds in your commute to the bedroom. But, it’s 15 extra seconds to say, “Thank ya Jesus!” And not to mention He just increased the property value of your home by installing an elevator in your house.

Change is inevitable. But, instead of trying to fight it we should learn to embrace it, and figure out who God wants you to be in that elevator. Even though you may not be able to see what on the outside of those doors on the ride up, you know you can trust the one who made the elevator in the first place.


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