Has fear left you so crippled?

Petrified, at even the undertones of vulnerability.

So afraid that you’d let the stars in your hand,

Filter through your fingers like meaningless sand.

Terrified that the sun you once loved,

Would shine it’s light on your scars.

My darling, if only you knew.

If only you knew what my love was capable of.

My love would be brave when you needed it.

Fearless, under any circumstance or condition.

If you dropped the stars in your hand,

I would reach into the heavens and pull down constellations for you.

Or I would show you your reflection,

So you could see how the universe,

Pales in comparison to the magic in your eyes.

Andromeda herself would fall from the sky,

And dim into the abyss if held next to you.

I’d bring you to the top of a hill where the sun shines brightest.

Hold you in the arms of security and kiss your wounds.

Because, where you see scars I see triumph.

Your imperfections are flawless to me.

My eyes are clouded with love.

I pray against sobering thoughts.

I am not blind or foolish.

Romance has it’s dance, but commitment is the melody.

For if man were not intended to love this way,

Then I ask that God would command the earth to swallow me now.

My love for you will not waver in the tides of your uncertainty.

It does not retreat when outnumbered by your fear.

My love is, and always will be patient.

Nothing but kindness will occupy the tip of my tongue for you.

Envy and pride shall never find rest in my heart.

My love honors others, and denies self.

Anger will meet the same welcome as sickness does.

My love for you has no memory other than this moment present.

It abhors evil and celebrates truth.

My love will always shield your integrity.

It will never doubt by any means.

It will savor hope as the last drop of water in the desert.

It will never taste the bitter fruit of relent.

My love will never, ever experience the agonizing blow of defeat.


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