Proverbs 13:4

We exist in the traffic of beautiful, fleeting moments. Watching and waiting as each one passes by with excellent speed.  Secretly hoping that just one would alter its predestined course and find its way to us. We open our hearts hoping to catch a single one of these elusive moments. The days of our lives pass by in constant routine. The rotation on the hands of a clock change for no man. Time, much like death, is irreversible by human hands. It is the one thing in this world that remains constant. Through loss or gain, joy or sadness, or hope or despair time remains unaffected. As we wade through the shallow pools of our daily routines our hearts desperately long for a simple moment that would bring meaning to the passing day. Finding an old love letter, or an old photograph while rummaging through the clutter of our lives. Hoping for just a glimpse of that boy or girl. Waiting for a call from a loved one. Or, anything really that would bear with it the potential to turn an ordinary day into a special one. How much of our lives are we willing to sacrifice to waiting? I wonder if the human race will ever truly find the courage to seize each moment. Have we become so prideful as to believe we have any control of our lives? Do we expect God to have mercy for our lack of presently searching for the best in each day? Our lives are defined by the opportunities we miss as much as the ones we are aware enough to grab. We lay our heads down each night with great ambition for the following day. But, as the moon disappears in light of the overpowering sun so our zeal disappears as well. When will we awaken from this comatose state of being? When will we stop letting the world happen around us? Will it take the loss of everything you hold dear to finally find the urgency to act? We must find earnestness in life. And, an ardent love of our God. Instead of hoping for the moments to alter their predestined courses, perhaps it is you and I who must alter ours.

Inspired by Proverbs 13:4

“The sluggard craves and gets nothing,

but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”


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