Sunsets and Words. A Real Poem.

I had forgotten how relaxing the beach is at sunset.

Watching the masses of people make their way home.

As the sea recedes to it’s depths.

The air is soft, moist, and carries a subtle hint of saltiness from the ocean.

The laughter of children echoes around me.

The sand is cool and damp beneath my feet.

The sky is a blended pallet of purples, blues, grays, white, and golden oranges.

I never noticed how straight the line of the horizon was on a calm sea.

These soft subtle moments of true tranquility

Remind me of the deceiving enormity of this planet.

And my heart, just a speck on this spinning blue orb.

So why is it that when I think of you, this miniscule muscle that occupies

the space in my chest feels as big, if not bigger, than this innumerable collection of masses?

Why does my love for you feel deeper than this rolling ocean before my very eyes?

Why do these emotions whisper louder than the sea’s turbulent voice?

I can’t help but think that just as God spoke this world into existence and set it in motion with love.

That just as He verbalized the breath that escapes and returns to my lungs.

You as well, beyond conscious thought, spoke in to existence a world that inhabits my heart.

You spoke into motion a world that spins violently at the thought of you.

A world that quakes and storms with a graze of your fingertips.

This is a world that dances to the quickened beat of my heart when you’re near.

It is the tempo that lulls the clouds into a slow hover over green meadows.

It calms raging rivers into babbling brooks.

As I praise God for raising and setting the sun each day, and allowing the moon to watch over the evening.

As I glorify Him for illuminating the night sky with tiny, bright celestial flames of his power.

I praise Him for creating the object of my deepest affection.

I exalt Him for giving me a fearless love.

Which through His God breathed word is a perfect love.


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