You Would Still Know Nothing.

There is a place where rainbows graze the edge of a golden sun.

Set in a purple sky filled with orange clouds.

A place under a tranquil and ambient sky,

where grassy fields meet a sparkling blue ocean.

A place where serenity tenderly kisses the lips of nature.

The wind flows through and whispers melodiously

Carrying with it a cool spring breeze.

A place where flowers do not wilt and trees cast protecting shade.

Where the world stands still in the twilight.

If you could grasp the entirety of this beautiful scene,

you would still at most know nothing of the beauty I see when I look at you.

If you could somehow find the harmony wrapped in this place,

You would still know nothing of the peace I hold when you’re near.

There is no place under heaven, or song, or prose that could elicit

the complete and profound feeling I find in you.

There is no bond greater between mortals than my devotion to you.


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