More Than Wishful Thinking



The hardest part of anyone’s life is learning when to let go. No matter how old you are sacrifice is relevant in any attempt to move forward with your life. It usually doesn’t get any easier though. Letting go isn’t easy for any person. In a world that is constantly changing we cling for dear life on to the things that are constant and comfortable. We will grip with all of our might to hold on to those few precious things that make lonely nights a little more bearable. For some people it’s a habit or a lifestyle. For most it’s a person. A boyfriend, a girlfriend, a friend. Life perpetually flings you forward even when you’re not ready. Your heart and your mind are constantly changing and it becomes hard to keep up with the ever-quickening pace of progression and hold on to your comforts at the same time. It’s like being caught in a tornado desperately looking for something strong enough to hold on to. But, sometimes the tornado is just too powerful and it rips you away before you know it. There are seasons in my life that I have had to let go of habits, of friends, and whole lifestyles. Every single one was hard. This current season I’m in is requiring me to let go of absolutely everything. Let go of my plans, of some dreams, of people most important to me, and oddly enough to let go of myself.

So what do I hold on to when there is nothing left? What do I lean on when everything around me has been taken away? The only answer I can offer myself is hope. Hope in God. Hope in the future. Hope in reconciliation and restoration. In the direst of circumstances hope appears to be a feeble thing. It even appears nonexistent sometimes. We think it hides itself from us purposely. On the contrary, hope is always present and always near. Hope is an unsung hero. We give credit to strength, perseverance, integrity, wisdom, obedience, and love. All of the characteristics that are praise worthy. But, without hope we lack the presence of mind to hold on when it seems like there is nothing to hold on for anymore. When we look at other people it is easy to say that person is strong or that person is obedient. How many times do you catch yourself saying that person has hope?

Our lives are driven by hope whether we have come to realize it or not. We treat it as a novelty sentiment though. We have made it a fairy tale in our world. Something we teach children and lose sight of as adults because we believe we have become more capable. Without hope what need is there to be strong? What point would there be in believing that love can conquer anything? Hope is so much more than wishful thinking. It is expectancy with confidence. When you wake up in the morning without even realizing it you hope that it’s going to be a good day. It is such an interwoven habit in our lives it goes completely unnoticed. Whether we know it or not we cannot help but hope. When we lose that hope we are tossed around in circumstance, never really having a solid place to stand.

I began this by writing about letting things go. The annoyingly constant circumstance we all have to face. So what do we hope for when we let things go? Do we hope that something better comes along? Or that the things or people we let go of will come back to us in the end? Do we hope in getting everything we want as long as we pay a price? The truth is I don’t know. What I do know is that we have to keep hope in God. Hope in the fact that he has our best interest at heart. Hope in the fact that he knows what he is doing. Most importantly, hope in the fact that he will never leave us worse off than we were before.


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