Make it Count

We spend our lives thinking we know what we deserve and we spend no time at all appreciating what we have. Usually when we hear statements like this our minds immediately go to the “things” in our lives. But more often than not it’s the people in our lives we take the most advantage of. We keep the ideas in our heads that people will always be around. But if there is anything that the tragedy in Colorado has taught me it’s that tomorrow is promised to no one. We hear those words everyday of our lives and they never bear any relevance until it hits close to home or it’s too late to fix. The people in the theater that day probably thought that they were just going to spend a peaceful night at the movies like most of them had countless times before. And yet with no warning their lives were cut short. So many words left unsaid. So many things left undone. I got to thinking about the people I hold close and wondered what if they were in that theater? Would they have known before they died that I loved them? That I appreciated them and that they were valuable to me. Sadly the answer for me is no. Some of them wouldn’t know because it’s been so long since I’ve told anyone that I genuinely appreciate them. But I take comfort in the fact that it’s not too late for me. If you’re reading this and you’ve already lost someone don’t forget about the people who are still here. Tell them that you love them, hug them, say something you haven’t in a while, call someone up and go have a coffee. Life is too short to spend any more time surrendering to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Don’t spend every day just making it. Spend every day making it count.


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