At the church for a few months or so, there’s been a new mens bible study for our college-aged men. I’ve been hearing about it for a while and it was actually a good friend of mine that started it (good job Chris Colon). But I always found some reason not to go. However being as how I’ve been in an amazing mood lately I figured what the heck. They have been reading a book entitled The Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley. The book provides 24 solutions to problems the author believes all men face. Last night being my first night they were already pretty far in the book but the chapter they were discussing that night was about “Broken Relationships”. Which spoke mainly on focusing on WHO is important in your life and not WHAT.

“In pursuit of the good life, most men leave a trail of broken relationships.” How true that is. It got me thinking about a word that seems to be floating around in my life, Legacy. In the context of what is it that we’re leaving behind when we pass. Is it how much money we made? What our job title was? What college we went to? How many places we’ve seen? When we die what will people remember about us? I started thinking that we work so hard to get “that job”. Or get into “that tax bracket”. We lose sight of what’s important in our lives like the people we care about and who we meet a long the way. My mind was opened to a new spectrum. For example I want to be a writer but so do millions of other people in the world. There were millions of writers before me and there will be even more after me. There will always be countless people with your title in this world but what will separate you is the legacy you leave in people who are closest to you. When I die will people remember that I was a good writer or will they remember the joy and happiness I brought to their lives? Which opened my eyes to another revelation. If you’re calling isn’t helping anyone or at the very least improving the condition of your soul is it really a calling? God calls all his followers to lead and be examples by living a good life but above all showing love to ALL. Despite your title that IS your calling.

Now just to clarify Patrick Morley wasn’t saying that we need to abandon all ambition of succeeding in this world, but more so that we should understand whats important and understand that God wants us to have a balanced life. Our relationships affect our perspective on life. About two years ago I was living with some friends in a house we were renting. All together we had 5 official roommates and 1 unofficial. And with the exception of one of the roommates we were all broke. And I mean broke. To the point where we were trying to make three packs of ramen noodles last an entire month. It was red box and 7/11 everyday. All of our cars were crap. And we scrounged for rent every month. Not to mention one of my roommates was the current boyfriend of my ex-girlfriend only two months before and she was the unofficial roommate. Circumstantially I had NO reason to be happy. I was broke, hungry, and desperate. But that time in that house was something I wouldn’t trade for the world. It was honestly the happiest I’ve ever been. Why was it so great? Because I had amazing friends and our relationships were real, substantial, and supportive. And I had found a new love who made me see life in a new way. But mostly it was because my relationship with God was thriving also. I didn’t need much else at that time. I understand that relationships don’t pay the bills but in hard times they make the suffering a little more bearable. So I close with this if you’re getting to a point where you see you’re relationships fading because you’re too busy. It’s time to take a break and prioritize.


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