The wisest men were the ones whom at one point in their lives uttered the words, “The greatest knowledge I hold is accepting that I know nothing”.  Not to crown myself wise, but I find myself whispering these same words to myself daily. We are all a sum of what we experience throughout our lives. The failures, victories, pains, and truths all add up to a collected construct of who we are today. I am a sum of some not-so-good experiences thrown in with some really great ones. I have every thing from medals to scars. This blog isn’t a soapbox for me to stand on and try to preach advice to anyone about his or her life. Instead, this is my way of telling you that I get it. I have had my share of dysfunctional families, traumatic issues, heartbreak, poor choices, and hurts. So more than anything what I want you, as a reader of this blog, to understand is that I get it, I’ve been there, and in many ways I’m still there. If you’re anything like me knowing that you’re not alone is a valuable solace in itself. I’d love for you to take this journey with me, not as captain to passenger, but as fellow passenger to fellow passenger.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mario,
    I am Bri’s mom and she told about your blog, so I decided to check it out…
    I must say that I’m really impressed by
    your writing and the depth of your message. As a teacher who has worked
    with students from ages 5-18, I know how difficult yet rewarding writing can be. To me personally, writing has been a way of
    self-disvovery and much needed emotional healing and I was able to connect right away with your message. If I could give you a word of advice, it is to believe in yourself and the power of your words. You have been blessed with a very special gift …
    the gift of putting words on paper that can
    touch and transform people by encouraging them to reflect and explore
    deeper into their journey through life.
    I’m looking forward to continue reading
    your blog…
    Thanks for ride!

    1. I can’t thank you enough for your words. It’s this kind of encouragement that gives me the inspiration to keep pursuing this endeavor. I don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t writing. I hope I can continue to encourage and connect with you and all my readers. Thank you for your support.

  2. Hey Mario! It’s Stephanie, that girl front the Voice with crazy hair. Thanks for giving me your blog info. Your writing is delightful and can only flourish from here.
    All the best,

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